Upcoming KSA: Care of Women

The WAFP will host the Care of Women KSA on Saturday, April 27, in Wenatchee. Registration is open, so join us today!

The Care of Women KSA focuses on having a better understanding of the unique health care needs as well as common medical conditions experienced by gender-identified women including gynecologic conditions and reproductive health, diagnosis and treat behavioral and mental health conditions in female patients, increasing knowledge and understanding of pre-conception care and prenatal care and being better prepared to diagnose and manage conditions experienced during and after pregnancy. Our topic expert for the KSA is Dr. Emily Godfrey.

If you’d like to attend, make sure you check your ABFM Physician Portfolio to ensure you are eligible to take this KSA Study Group. Visit the ABFM website: www.abfm.org or call the support number at 1-877-223-7437 if you need help determining what modules you need.