The voices of physicians in training are critical to WAFP. Because of this, both the WAFP and the WAFP Foundation include resident and medical student representation on their boards and offer opportunities for you to connect with others.

About Student and Resident Trustees

Elected resident and student trustees plan the annual Student and Resident Retreat; serve as a critical bridge to residency programs and medical schools across the state; and influence the WAFP's and WAFP Foundation's efforts aimed at supporting the future of family medicine.

Connect with your Trustees

Your trustees want to hear from students interested in family medicine and residents in that specialty. CLICK HERE to see contact information for Academy Trustees and CLICK HERE for Foundation Trustees, or send us an email at


Other Ways to Connect

  • Serve on WAFP committees to represent student or resident interests
  • Serve on the Resident and Student Subcommittee (meets no less than twice per year)
  • Contribute research and perspectives to the quarterly Washington Family Physician journal
  • Encourage interest in family medicine by working with the FMIG leadership at Washington medical schools
  • Help plan the annual WAFP Student & Resident Retreat
  • Influence WAFP and AAFP policy by writing resolutions and participating in state and national annual meetings
  • Advocate to state government by attending Family Medicine Advocacy Day in Olympia (once annually)
  • Maintain contact with chief residents at Washington residency programs and continue relations with the AAFP resident leadership
  • Serve as an elected trustee on the Academy or Foundation Board of Directors

We have ways for you to connect that will fit with your available time! If you’re interested in learning more, contact Alyssa McEachran, director of pipeline and practice relations, at