Board of Directors

A Board of Directors made up of family physicians, students, and residents leads the WAFP. If you're interested in being considered for a position on the WAFP Board, click here to let us know!

Mark Johnson 2022 (for web)
Mark Johnson, MD
Seattle, WA
Angie Sparks
Angela Sparks, MD, FAAFP
Immediate Past President
Seattle, WA
Ann Diamond (2022)
Ann Diamond, MD
Winthrop, WA
Carla Ainsworth, MD, MPH
Vice President
Seattle, WA
Sonal Patel
Sonal Patel, MD, MPH
Seattle, WA
Jordan Storhaug
Jordan Storhaug, MD
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Spokane, WA
Jonathan Wells
Jonathan Wells, MD, FAAFP
Speaker, House of Delegates
Seattle, WA
Blain Crandell
Blain Crandell, MD
Vice Speaker, House of Delegates
Bainbridge Island, WA
Jie Casey
Jie Casey, DO
Eastside Trustee
Ellensburg, WA
Megan Guffey
Megan Guffey, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Eastside Trustee
Manson, WA
James Opara, MD, FAAFP
Eastside Trustee
College Place, WA
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Anderson, MD
Westside Trustee
Bellingham, WA
Molly Hong
Molly Hong, MD, FAAFP
Westside Trustee
Port Townsend, WA
Adriana Linares (for web) 2
Adriana Linares, MD, DrPH, MPH, FAAFP
Westside Trustee
Vancouver, WA
Diana Huang, MD, MA
New Physician Trustee
Seattle, WA
Colbey Ricklefs
Colbey Ricklefs, MD, MPH
Resident Trustee
Seattle, WA
Nicolle Siegart (low-res)
Nicolle Siegart, MD
Alternate Resident Trustee
Seattle, WA
Brooke Byun
Brooke Byun
Student Co-Trustee
Spokane, WA
Shukri Salad
Shukri Salad
Student Co-Trustee
Yakima, WA

Extended Leadership

Delegates to the AAFP:

Eastside Delegate
June Bredin, MD, FAAFP, Ellensburg

Eastside Alternate Delegate
Katina Rue, DO, FAAFP, Yakima

Westside Delegate
Gregg VandeKieft, MD, MA, FAAFP, Olympia

Westside Alternate Delegate
Kevin Wang, MD, FAAFP, Seattle

Ex-Officio Members:

AAFP Representation

Commission on Federal and State Policy
Ying Zhang, MD

Commission on Finance and Insurance
Lydia Bartholomew, MD, MHA

Commission on Health of the Public and Science
Jose Flores-Rodarte, MD, MPH

Other Ex-Officio Members

WAFP Foundation President
Stan Garlick, MD, Port Angeles

Resident Alternate Trustee
Nicolle Siegart, MD, Seattle

WSMA Delegate
June Bredin, MD, FAAFP

WSMA Alternate Delegate
Lydia Bartholomew, MD, MHA, FAAFP


The board has four standing committees – Bylaws, Executive, Finance and Membership. Those committees, in addition to the other committees listed here, offer opportunities for members to be involved in the Academy.

Committee meetings are open to any WAFP member. To find out more about committee meetings or serving on a committee, please contact our office.

WAFP Committees

Committee Mission

The Bylaws Committee ensures the organization has effective procedures for its board and House of Delegates operations. It proposes and evaluates bylaws changes to the board and House of Delegates. The Committee also advises component chapters on bylaws issues, keeping them free of conflicts with the state (WAFP) and national (AAFP) organizations.

Committee Members

  • Blain Crandell, MD, Chair
  • EC liaison: Jonathan Wells, MD

Committee Mission

The Executive Committee is composed of WAFP’s President, Immediate Past-President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Speaker of the House of Delegates. It acts for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when relevant and/or whenever the business of the Academy demands prompt action between board meetings.

Committee Members

  • Mark Johnson, MD, Chair
  • Angela Sparks, MD, FAAFP
  • Ann Diamond, MD
  • Carla Ainsworth, MD, MPH
  • Sonal Patel, MD, MPH
  • Jonathan Wells, MD, FAAFP

Committee Mission

The Finance Committee ensures the WAFP is managing membership funds appropriately and in support of the mission. It is responsible for financial planning, account and investment supervision, budget development and the annual review of the academy’s financial policies and practices.

Committee Members

  • Sonal Patel, MD, MPH, Chair
  • Mark Johnson, MD
  • Ann Diamond, MD
  • Angela Sparks, MD, FAAFP
  • Jordan Storhaug, MD

Committee Mission

The Governmental Affairs Committee promotes legislative efforts supportive of family medicine and advocates for the health of the people of Washington. The Committee undertakes legislative and health policy initiatives which enhance the ability of family physicians to provide excellent, cost-effective, continuous care for patients.

Committee Members

  • David Escobar, DO, FAAFP, Co-Chair
  • Matt Logalbo, MD, Co-Chair
  • EC Liaison: Ann Diamond, MD

Committee Mission

The Committee on Membership & Member Services supports recruitment and retention of members in the WAFP, including a specific focus on diverse constituencies. The committee reviews membership needs and trends so member services can be adapted to meet emerging needs. The Membership Committee and its subcommittees devise programs of interest to under-represented constituents and develop programs to promote membership interest and active participation in local chapters. Membership committee members help facilitate communication among and between members, leaders and constituent chapters.

Committee Members

  • Stuti Nagpal, MD, Chair

Committee Mission

The Pipeline Committee encourages medical schools and residencies to develop and maintain excellent programming and facilities for the education and training of family physicians. The committee encourages interest in family medicine in Washington and throughout the WWAMI network.

Committee Members

  • Natalie Nunes, MD, FAAFP, Chair
  • EC Liaison: Mark Johnson, MD

Committee Mission

The Resident & Student Subcommittee promotes the participation of students and residents in the activities of the Academy; Washington state medical schools and residency programs; and other state, regional and national constituencies relating to family medicine. The committee also promotes understanding between student and resident constituencies and the Academy.

Committee Members

All WAFP student and resident members are members of this subcommittee. 

  • Colbey Ricklefs, MD, MPH Resident Trustee
  • Nicolle Siegart, MD Alternate Resident Trustee
  • Brooke Byun, Student Co-Trustee
  • Shukri Salad, Student Co-Trustee
  • EC Liaison: Mark Johnson, MD

Committee Mission

The Professional Affairs Committee assists family medicine practices as they adopt practice change and redesign initiatives. It identifies practical knowledge development tools to be shared with members on topics relating to patient satisfaction, practice management, and emerging technology. The committee serves as a liaison with health systems to encourage fair treatment of and representation by family physicians, to collaborate in developing plans and programs for improving services and standards in the health care system, and to advocate for fair compensation for family physician teams.

Committee Members

  • Jordan Storhaug, MD, Chair
  • EC Liaison: Jonathan Wells, MD, FAAFP

Committee Mission

The Public Health Committee represents the Academy with public health agencies, voluntary health associations, and other agencies and institutions concerned with child and public health, medical services, epidemiology and the social aspects of medicine.

Committee Members

  • Ashlin Mountjoy, MD, MPH, Co-Chair
  • Angela Sparks, MD, FAAFP, EC liaison