Nominations Open for WAFP Family Medicine Educator of the Year

While the Oxford Dictionary defines an educator as “a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher,” we know an educator is so much more! True educators ignite passions for learning, offer endless encouragement, challenge assumptions, and construct an environment in which their students thrive.

Do you know a Family Medicine Educator who has impacted their community, students, and residents? The pandemic confronted educators with new challenges, stretched their endurance, and encouraged their creativity. The WAFP Foundation has honored a family medicine educator of the year since 2008, and we will again in 2023. Help us celebrate educators. If an educator has inspired you, please consider nominating them (access the nomination form HERE).

The WAFP is looking for educators who exhibit the highest standards of medical care, training, collaborative leadership and professionalism in their work with residents, students, colleagues, and patients. It is through their work that new family physicians go on to care for generations of Washingtonians, and their work is worthy of celebration.

Nominations are due by February 28, 2023. Let’s celebrate their role in keeping innumerable Washingtonians healthy.