WAFP Foundation Annual Report; Board and Officer Nominations; and 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Washington Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Academy; it provides an important vehicle for fostering the mission and purposes of the Academy.

The Foundation began planning for the fiscal year July 2021 – June 2022 year in the first quarter of 2021. The Finance Committee, Executive Committee, Board, and Executive Director reviewed the Foundation’s assets and discussed how to deploy them given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic; the pressure on public health officials; and the Foundation’s focus on encouraging students, residents, and physicians to continue to choose Family Medicine. The Foundation assessed each scheduled program and event to determine options if funded events would be in person or virtual. Funding changes included the following:

A reduction in expense for the AAFP National Conference allowed the Foundation to pay for more attendees; the Foundation paid for more than 50 attendees to experience the virtual event.

The need to stay virtual meant the annual Student and Resident Retreat held online. Led by the student and resident trustees, this event occurred over a two-day period, registration was reduced to $0 per attendee, and slightly more than 50 attendees attended both days. Other attendees met online for one day or the other.

Recognizing the need to counteract the negative pressure on Public Health officials, the Foundation showed its support of the 13 public health officials in the state who are also WAFP members by donating to their respective local health jurisdictions.

Throughout, the Foundation continued its focus on three goals:

  • Washington State has a well-trained primary care workforce and an adequate supply and distribution of well-trained Family Medicine physicians.
  • Support the WAFP in policy, advocacy, and leadership development.
  • Build an internal structure and capacity that supports its vision and goals.

In support of these goals, we structured our work around three priorities, which are noted below with highlights under each.

Infrastructure and Accountability


  • Continued a comprehensive board orientation
  • Surveyed current board members to identify areas of strength and opportunities; targeted recruitment efforts to fill the opportunity gaps
  • Ensured regularly scheduled board, executive committee, and finance committee meetings tied to a 12-month calendar
  • Reviewed investments. We maintained the Seattle Foundation investment account and both the intermediate investment account and long-term investment account (previously referred to as the endowment fund) to keep the Foundation in a position to respond strategically to program opportunities
  • Continued a no-less-than annual evaluation of all programs
  • Implemented the changes approved by the membership to the bylaws and filed updated Articles of Incorporation

Physician workforce support


  • Provided approximately $90,000 total to three medical schools (UW, WSU, PNWU) in response to their proposals for funding
  • Increased the number of Diverse Constituency scholarships
  • Added four Family Medicine Scholarships to support students at EFSCOM and WSU
  • Sponsored five attendees to the NCCL and approved a doubling of that commitment
  • Reviewed the required reporting for the medical school grants to balance the need for accountability with administrative efficiency.
  • Established relationships with residencies; deepened engagement with FMIGs; and considered new virtual ways of engagement

Addressing value and appreciation of Family Medicine


  • Granted $13,000 to local health jurisdictions where FP’s serve as Health Officers
  • Facilitated Family Medicine-focused virtual events and conversations at medical schools and residencies
  • Collaborated with the Academy regularly through joint attendance at meetings, regular interaction, planning, and a shared executive
  • Hosted the annual Student and Resident Retreat

In Summary

The Foundation used funds for programs and projects determined to be a match for its values and focus. Detail on the use of funds is in the HOD materials.

The Foundation supports these programs and projects with the demonstrated financial commitment of our members. On behalf of the WAFP Foundation Board of Directors, we thank the Academy membership for its continuing financial support.

Respectfully submitted,

Stan Garlick, MD
Foundation President


Board, Officer Nominations to the WAFP Foundation

Office Nominee Term
Secretary Molly Hong, MD, FAAFP 2025
Treasurer Kristin Larson, MD 2024
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Farion Williams, MD 2024
Director Russell Maier, MD, FAAFP 2025
Director Natalia Luera, MD, FAAFP 2025
Director Michael Luce, MD, FAAFP 2025
Director Luis Manriquez, MD 2025
(For Approval) Resident Trustee Katie Schmidt, MD, MPH 2025

2021 Foundation Annual Meeting Minutes

(for approval at the 2022 WAFP Foundation Annual Meeting)


Virtual Meeting
Thursday, May 6, 2021
1:30 p.m.

The WAFP Foundation held its 2021 annual meeting at the Academy’s 2021 House of Delegates (HOD). All WAFP members were invited to attend. Seventy-eight delegates and alternates in addition to members of the Academy and Foundation boards were present and voting.

Call to Order

Dr. Carla Ainsworth, Foundation Vice President, called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. She welcomed attendees to the annual meeting and reviewed the agenda.

Dr. Ainsworth directed attendees’ attention to the Foundation Annual Report provided by the Foundation Board and briefly recapped the Foundation’s work during the past 12 months.

Officer and Director Elections

Dr. Ainsworth moved to the next order of business: Officer and Director Elections. After introducing the slate of officers put forward by the Foundation’s nominating committee, Dr. Ainsworth invited discussion and objections to the slate.

Hearing no objections, the following Officers were elected by acclamation.

  • Treasurer, Brandon Isaacs, MD, FAAFP
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Kristin Larson, MD

Dr. Ainsworth then introduced the slate of directors proposed by the Foundation’s nominating committee and the recommendation for Student Trustee made by the Student and Resident groups. She invited nominations from the floor for open Director positions. No additional nominations were offered, and the following directors were elected by acclamation:

  • Director, Po-Shen Chang, MD
  • Director, Damilola Oluyitan, MD
  • Director, Saraga Reddy, MD

In addition, Chris Yang, MS-2, was affirmed as Student Trustee to the Foundation Board.

Amendments to Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

After voting on Officers and Directors, the Foundation introduced proposed amendments to the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Foundation, Dr. Ainsworth made a motion to approve the proposed six amendments to the articles of incorporation and six amendments to the bylaws as included in the meeting materials. She gave time for extractions and, hearing no requests for extractions, asked for a vote to adopt the amendments.

Receiving a more than two-thirds affirmative vote, those items were adopted as proposed.

Consent Agenda

Introducing the final piece of business, Dr. Ainsworth asked for review of the Foundation’s Consent Agenda, which consisted of the following: Foundation Board Minutes from May 2020, September 2020, and January 2021; 2021 Annual Report to the Membership. She noted the items would be voted on in one vote without debate unless any are extracted from the consent agenda for discussion and asked for extraction.

Hearing no extractions, Dr. Ainsworth invited members to vote to approve the consent agenda. Receiving a majority vote in favor of the consent agenda, the items were adopted.

Concluding Remarks and Adjourn Foundation Business

After thanking the membership for attending the Foundation Annual meeting, Dr. Ainsworth acknowledged the exemplary service of Dr. Don Solberg to the Foundation. Dr. Solberg’s service as an Officer of the Foundation concludes this year, after serving four terms in total, two as treasurer.

No further business was heard.

Adjourned at 1:30 p.m.