WAFP Foundation Annual Report; Board and Officer Nominations; and 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Washington Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Academy; it is an important vehicle for fostering the mission and purposes of the Academy.

The Foundation began planning for the fiscal year July 2022 – June 2023 year in the first quarter of 2022. The Finance Committee, Executive Committee, Board, and Executive Director reviewed the Foundation’s assets and discussed how to plan for the ongoing philanthropy of the Foundation and remain nimble to adjust to emerging needs. We recognize the need for recurring awards in some areas (such as supporting students who want to pursue family medicine) and single-year awards to address acute needs. The Foundation assessed each program and event and worked to forecast for the year ahead.

Funding considerations included the following:

  • Redirecting funding to accommodate a full year of in-person events, which are more expense than virtual events.
  • Allocating funds for a review and renewal of the Foundation’s strategic plan.
  • Reviewing emerging needs for single-year funding.

In September, Foundation leadership and other Academy members gathered to refresh its strategic plan last drafted in September 2018. The Foundation maintained its focus on supporting a well-trained physician workforce; aligning foundation infrastructure and metrics; and supporting the Academy’s efforts to promote family medicine, while also adjusting to the significant changes that have occurred in recent years. The goals identified in the current strategic plan are as follows:

  • Well-Trained Physician Workforce: Academy members’ needs are addressed at each career stage to support an adequate supply and distribution of well-trained family medicine physicians in the state.
  • Effective Infrastructure and Accountability Metrics: Internal structures and resources are aligned to measure and support progress toward goals and objectives.
  • Appreciation of Family Medicine: Family physicians in Washington state are valued and appreciated.

This year bridged the past strategic plan and the new plan. I provided a few highlights of the Foundation’s work below:


  • Completed a comprehensive strategic plan update
  • Ensured regularly scheduled Board, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee meetings tied to a 12-month calendar
  • Reviewed investment allocations to make certain the Foundation is able to respond strategically to program opportunities
  • Continued a no-less-than annual evaluation of all programs
  • Reviewed the Foundation’s evaluation processes

Physician workforce support


  • Provided approximately $110,000 total to three medical schools (UW, WSU, PNWU) in response to their proposals for funding
  • Sent 25 attendees to the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students
  • Offered a two-day Student and Resident retreat in Olympia, WA, hosting approximately 70 attendees planned by the student and resident trustees
  • Added funding for five alternate delegates to the AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders
  • Updated the request for proposal sent to the medical schools with adjusted expectations in support of the revised strategic plan
  • Created and awarded scholarships to residents to attend the WSMA’s leadership training

Addressing value and appreciation of family medicine


  • Facilitated family medicine-focused virtual events and conversations at medical schools and residencies
  • Collaborated with the Academy regularly through joint attendance at meetings, regular interaction, planning, and a shared executive
  • Recognized members for excellence in family medicine research, in teaching, and in service to their communities

The Foundation supports these programs and projects with the demonstrated financial commitment of our members. On behalf of the WAFP Foundation Board of Directors, we thank the Academy membership for its continuing financial support. On a personal note, thank you for allowing me to serve our membership in my position as president. This is my last year in this position; it has been my pleasure.

Respectfully submitted,

Stan Garlick, MD
Foundation President

Board, Officer Nominations to the WAFP Foundation

(approved at the 2023 WAFP Foundation Annual Meeting)