AAFP Congress of Delegates Considers Resolutions from Washington

CHICAGO During the third session of the 2023 AAFP Congress of Delegates, held at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, the Congress took action on two resolutions submitted by WAFP.

The first resolution concerned increased access to methadone as a treatment for opioid use disorder. As submitted by WAFP, the resolution would have directed AAFP to formally support the Modernizing Opioid Treatment Access Act and (HR 1359/S 644) and work with other organizations to advocate for a federal task force to review existing international models of pharmacy-dispensed methadone treatment for opioid use disorder, and put forth a viable plan for the United States.

In the reference committee hearings, held virtually in mid-October, the Reference Committee on Advocacy heard testimony both in favor and in opposition. The reference committee opted to put forth a substitute that maintained the spirit of the resolution: the support for the Modernizing Opioid Treatment Access Act was adopted as-is, and the substitute allowed for more flexibility for AAFP to advocate for a federal task force to study the issue.

The Congress agreed with the reference committee recommendation and adopted the resolution as part of the reference committee’s consent calendar.

A second resolution would have directed the AAFP to advocate for the development of affordable dry-powder inhalers as a way to combat climate change. The resolution would have also committed AAFP to create educational materials for members about the role metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) play in climate change as well as effective alternatives to MDIs.

Although reference committee testimony was supportive, and the reference committee itself was supportive — as noted in the reference committee report — there were mitigating factors that caused the reference committee to recommend referral to the AAFP Board of Directors: previous action on this issue, the need for more consideration on what kind of education offerings would be feasible, and potential cost to the AAFP. The Congress concurred with the reference committee recommendation.

A third WAFP resolution will be considered Friday morning.