2024 NCCL Applications (Open Until Jan. 13, 2024)

The National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL) is the AAFP’s leadership development event for the following AAFP-designated special constituencies:

  • New Physicians (in first seven years of practice following residency)
  • IMGs (from schools outside the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico)
  • LGBTQ+ or allies
  • Minorities
  • Women

WAFP sends members to this conference, paying travel and conference expenses! The conference is April 18-20, 2024, in Kansas City, MO.

Read more about the conference here. At NCCL, attendees elect national officers, gain skills to be an effective leader, and work with others from across the country to improve family medicine. Those attending are designated as Delegates and Alternate Delegates and represent WAFP at the event. Delegates vote on elections and proposed policy. Alternate Delegates participate in the event and meetings but do not vote.

Consider applying to attend this conference! You will be at the forefront of important issues at the national level, network and learn from your colleagues, and develop leadership skills. Past attendees consistently return energized because of their involvement.

The Academy will review applications and notify recipients by Jan. 31, 2024.

Please tell us more about yourself:

To be considered to represent the WAFP as a delegate to the National Conference of Constituency Leaders, you must be a member in good standing with the WAFP and AAFP and duly licensed to practice medicine in the State of Washington. All delegates to NCCL must attest to their eligibility. Appointment to the position is dependent upon verification of information. Checking the box below will serve as an attestation to your eligibility.

I attest that I am a member in good standing of the AAFP/WAFP; I am duly licensed to practice medicine in the State of Washington; and I am current with AAFP/WAFP/local chapter dues payment and AAFP CME requirements.

I further attest that I have no duality or conflict of interest to disclose that the Academy should be made aware of.

If I become aware of any potential challenges to my status as an AAFP/WAFP member in good standing, or any conflicts of interest, it is incumbent upon me to notify the WAFP president or EVP.