Vaccine Mandate: Ensuring Your Clinic’s Workers Are In Compliance

Earlier this month, Gov. Jay Inslee signed an emergency proclamation that mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for those working in private health care and long-term care settings. Physicians and other health care workers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than Oct. 18. Individuals with legitimate medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs are exempt, but not those with personal or philosophical objections.

The Washington State Department of Health has released a FAQ regarding the vaccination requirement for health care providers, workers, and settings.

For small and independent practices, it may be challenging to implement and track proof of compliance with the governor’s order. If you or your clinic management has any specific concerns about enacting the governor’s policy — for instance, if the process of collecting accurate vaccination data for your staff members is a concern — please email us at and let us know.

We will pass along your information to our contacts within the governor’s office.