Development of Nutritional Solutions for Pacific Islander Populations with Resource Limitations

Researchers: Mallory Zembower (Co-Primary Investigator); Adam Martorana (Co-Primary Investigator); Sankalp Katta (Financial Coordinator); Sara Sharif; Valerie Chieng; Ethel Kate Briones; Ezgi Ulger; Gillian Xu; Miah Lingelbach; H. Hanna Huynh; Ruth Michaelis, MD (Co-Author); Aline Senchannavong, DO (Co-Author); Shea Welsh, MD (Co-Author); Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD (Senior Author)

Research focus: This project aimed to develop culturally competent nutritional information tailored to underrepresented populations residing in King County. Healthy recipes, nutritional resources, and portion control information were created to modify existing dietary practices and encourage dietary intake moderation. The goal was to empower and promote healthier eating habits among these communities while providing them with realistic ways to make improvements to their overall health.