When it comes to nutrition and exercise, there is no shortage of fads. But the facts remain the same: most of what makes us healthy results from the choices we make each day. Patients with access to primary care can get ongoing, fact-based guidance about their nutrition and exercise—and the support they need to create life-long, health habits.

Focus on Fitness and Nutrition

Primary care can improve patient health and includes the promotion of physical activity and a healthy diet.¹ Evidence shows that obesity is less prevalent in communities with a higher ratio of primary care physicians.¹ Access to primary care can help patients:

  • Learn to make healthy food choices: Learn what foods are best for your body, especially if you have a medical problem or other risk factors.
  • Create a custom fitness program: Ask your doctor to write a “prescription” for your exercise program that describes what type of exercise to do, how often to exercise, and for how long.
  • Achieve health and fitness goals: Build a plan to get in shape and improve your overall health in a safe, efficient way.

Focus on your fitness.

Focus on your nutrition.

Focus on fitness and nutrition (español).

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All other information sourced from FamilyDoctor.org, a resource operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

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