Each school year the WAFP sponsors the program in Washington state, connecting healthcare providers to local elementary schools to deliver the educational session at no cost. In Washington State, an estimated 5,000 children under the age of 18 become regular smokers each year. The Tar Wars program targets fourth and fifth-grade level students who are at an age most likely to START SMOKING, The program provides tools to enable them to SAY NO TO TOBACCO.

In a lively, interactive one-hour class session students learn why people smoke, the consequences of tobacco use, and the truth about tobacco advertising.  A local physician, health care provider, or medical student presents the curriculum to the students in their classroom after a brief introductory lesson by the teacher.  Tar Wars has shown to be effective in increasing students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward tobacco use and advertising and should be considered as one of the building blocks in your school’s comprehensive, tobacco prevention education plan.

For more details on the Tar Wars Program, to download the program guide, and access presenter and school resources visit the AAFP Tar Wars page.

Tar Wars is consistent with the guidelines for youth tobacco prevention programs set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Washington State Tar Wars Coordinator
WAFP is the coordinator for Tar Wars presentations in Washington.  Call us at (425) 747-3100 or email for information about the program and how you can get started this academic school year.  Whether you’re a teacher, counselor, parent, physician, resident, student, or health educator, there’s a part in Tar Wars for you!