2024 Delegate Allocation

The WAFP bylaws lay out how many delegates may represent each local chapter:

  • Those with 25 or fewer members in good standing are allowed two delegates.
  • Those with 25 to 50 members in good standing are allowed three delegates.
  • For larger chapters, the second rule applies (three delegates for up to 50 members in good standing), and each additional 50 members or any portion thereof, an additional delegate is allotted.

For example, chapters with 125 members would be allotted five delegates (three for the first 50 members, one additional for the next 50 members, and one additional for the remaining members).

The bylaws specify that delegate allocations will be determined by membership numbers as of Jan. 1 on each year. The numbers below reflect WAFP membership as of Jan. 1, 2024.