Resolution 5: WAFP Resolution Supporting Biking and Walking

Brought by: Chris Covert-Bowlds, MD; Charles Mayer, MD

WHEREAS, bicycling and walking improve individual, community, and climate health, and

WHEREAS, the WAFP 2010 “Nutritional Manifesto” Resolution stated, “… that the WAFP Annual Scientific Assembly committee be strongly encouraged to include a session devoted to nutrition and the treatment of obesity through healthy lifestyles and behavior change at every Annual Scientific Assembly …” and “… that the WAFP incorporate obesity prevention into its members’ practices using the online materials on the ‘Let’s Move’ website as a resource …”, and

WHEREAS, the WAFP 2016 Climate Change Adopted Substitute Resolution stated “RESOLVED, that WAFP endorse that climate change is a critical public health issue, and be it further RESOLVED, that WAFP support policies that both reduce pollution and address the causes of climate change to create healthier, sustainable communities”, and

WHEREAS, current policies and road conditions have led to a 20-year high in deaths and serious injuries to people walking and bicycling, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Washington Academy of Family Physicians support policies, education, and infrastructure supporting people bicycling and walking, such as protected bike lanes, walking paths, sidewalks, and making our clinics more friendly to bicyclists, as outlined in the Bicycling Friendly Business program,


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  4. Washington Hits 20-Year High of Pedestrian and Bicycle Deaths:


  1. Ival Salyer Ival Salyer on April 15, 2024 at 12:53 pm

    This is an important time to partner with others in advocating for streets that are safe for walkers, bicycle riders and the handicapped, as increased housing density in many communities strains the old roadway infrastructure.

  2. Chris Covert-Bowlds Chris Covert-Bowlds on April 14, 2024 at 3:12 pm

    The Bicycle Friendly Business designation process provides a great way to assess, improve, and get recognition for being welcoming to people who bicycle. It also encourages us and our staff to bicycle for better health, for ourselves and Earth.

    WAFP staff note: This comment was provided by one of the authors of the resolution.