Resolutions submitted within two months of the House of Delegates are considered late, and the House must vote whether to even consider late resolutions. Late resolutions must be of an urgent nature, with action that cannot wait until the next House meeting, and could not have been known prior to the resolution deadline. When voting whether to accept late resolutions, delegates should consider these factors, not the merit of the resolution.

Late Resolution 1: Expand Access to Bariatric Services

Brought by: Pierce County Chapter

WHEREAS, the Washington State Legislature has defined allowances for access to bariatric services based on WAC 182-531-16001, and

WHEREAS, the law requires that bariatric services be medically necessary, it limits medical necessity to BMI>35, age 21-59, AND diagnosed with “diabetes mellitus’ degenerative joint disease of a major weight bearing joint(s) (the client must be a candidate for joint replacement surgery if weight loss is achieved); or other rare comorbid conditions (such as pseudo tumor cerebri) in which there is medical evidence that bariatric surgery is medically necessary”1, and

WHEREAS, the law also requires that pre-operative evaluation be performed by an internist which is a barrier to care for many patients and requires approximately 6 months of a minimum of 3 times per week medical visits which again may be a barrier to care for many low income patients1, and

WHEREAS, limiting bariatric services to those only experiencing this small group of diagnoses and those with diagnoses as opposed to having these services available as a preventive measure is against evidence based data on weight loss, and

WHEREAS, the Washington State Legislature has determined that payment for medical and dental services should be based on evidence based findings, as outlined in WAC 182-501-01652, and yet limiting bariatric care to only the groups listed above is not in line with current evidence on care of people with BMI >35, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the WAFP, advocate for changes to WAC 182-531-1600 to broaden services to be in line with current evidence on care of people with BMI>35.


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