Why Become a Member?

1.  Learning and Leadership.
As future leaders your voice is valued! Opportunities to represent residents include WAFP committee appointments, trustee positions, and delegate positions to both the WAFP Annual House of Delegates and the AAFP National Congress of Family Medicine Residents (NCFMR).

The annual Policy Advocacy and Leadership Institute held each year in Olympia, trains participants to speak about issues relevant to family medicine and organizes opportunities for members to meet with state legislators. Scholarships are available to attend the AAFP Family Medicine Advocacy Summit in Washington DC, an opportunity to gain advocacy skills and “spend a day on the hill” meeting with Washington’s congressional delegation; and to attend the AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL) in Kansas City. Residents join member constituency delegates from each state to discuss AAFP policy development and hone leadership skills.

You are also encouraged to participate in the WAFP Annual Scientific Assembly which includes an educational track specially designed for residents and students. Among our most popular events, the WAFP Foundation Annual Student & Resident Retreat allows residents and students to hear panel discussions and mingle with practicing family physicians, attend clinical workshops, promote your residency program, and enjoy networking with medical students and other residents.

Resident members are also invited to share their passion for family medicine with medical students and pre-med students – by assisting with workshops at the Student & Resident Retreat, coordinating with FMIG programs for training events, and mentoring pre-med students through the WAFP Pre-Med Mentorship Program.

2.  Professional Development

  • Enjoy fellowship with a community of committed colleagues who share common goals.
  • Gain access to scholarship and leadership opportunities.
  • Find opportunities to expand your education with advocacy and real world experience.
  • Access to practice management and contracting resources, as well as career fair opportunities.

3.  Publications – Resident members receive a complimentary subscription to:

  •  The Academy’s quarterly journal, Washington Family Physician, offering timely, relevant information about the practice of family medicine and information about activities of Academy members, its board of directors, and committees.  The journal also features a regular resident column.
  • Monthly e-newsletter.

4.  Resident Membership Dues.  Your membership dues for the Washington Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians are typically paid by your residency program.

How to Become a Member

If you are not already a member and need to register, please click here. If you have recently moved to Washington and need to transfer your membership, or need to update your address/contact information with AAFP and WAFP, please contact WAFP staff at info@wafp.net or 425-747-3100 for assistance.

Learn more about the value of AAFP and WAFP membership from WAFP’s new physician trustee, Megan Guffey, MD, MPH, FAAFP: