Your membership in the Washington Academy of Family Physicians makes us stronger and more effective as we work to support you, the family physician, and family medicine within communities and around the state.

Advocacy: WAFP’s advocacy program is designed to tell family medicine’s story to the many stakeholders engaged in redesigning the delivery of health care in Washington state, including legislators, regulators, health care providers, subspecialists, educators and patients. Your membership helps to ensure that family medicine has a seat at the tables where important policies are being discussed and that primary care maintains its prominence as an important and valuable component of Washington’s health care system. As a member, you have access to legislative updates on issues critical to family medicine, and the chance to stay informed of matters that could directly impact your practice and your patients’ health care.

Professional Development: As a member of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians, you have access to opportunities for professional development within the organization and through the American Academy of Family Physicians. You become part of a community of committed colleagues with whom to share goals, achievements and challenges, and you gain a forum for informed learning and education. There is also the benefit of conveniently fulfilling CME requirements though a range of events; and ABFM Knowledge Self-Assessment workgroups (KSAs) also scheduled throughout the year.

Publications: Members receive exclusive monthly online newsletters via email with updates on Academy news, and a complimentary subscription to the Academy’s quarterly journal, Washington Family Physician. This scholarly publication offers timely and relevant information about the practice of family medicine, as well as information about member activities, the WAFP Board of Directors and WAFP committees. Online access to current and archived issues is available on the links above.

Learning and Leadership: Members are encouraged to attend WAFP’s annual House of Delegates meeting and Annual Scientific Assembly, and members are welcome to join a WAFP committee or visit any of the Academy’s committee meetings throughout the year. These opportunities allow you to share your passion and expertise with the Academy and to contribute to the development of Academy policy. Come find out how you can make a difference to the patients and communities you serve.

Local Chapters: As a WAFP member you automatically belong to a local chapter which may be active and holding regular meetings. Local chapters provide a network of support and alliance, and can keep you informed of colleagues, concerns and activities and in your region.