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Your membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) automatically includes membership in your state chapter, the Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) and your local chapter. Membership is not separate. Your annual dues invoice will itemize both national and state dues, as well as any local chapter dues; the full amount must be paid to maintain your membership. For all membership questions, please contact the WAFP office.

As a WAFP member, you have access to the following:

WAFP Member Directory: Find contact information for a WAFP colleague. Search by name, city or local chapter. Open to members only (login required)

Manage your WAFP Member Directory contact info: The amount of information available to other WAFP members through the WAFP Member Directory is up to you. To adjust the level of information that is viewable to other members, log in and click on the My Profile button in the top right corner, then select the settings for each piece of information. (Member contact information is exclusive to WAFP members only, and is not made public.)

Practice Resources: Helpful links and materials for patients, practices and community outreach.

Professional Development: Resources to enhance leadership skills and professional development.

Resources for students and residents:Leadership, scholarship and educational opportunities specific to medical students and family medicine residents.

Nominations for WAFP Annual Awards: Each year, WAFP members nominate extraordinary family physicians to be considered as Family Physician of the Year and Family Medicine Educator of the year. Take a moment to recognize one of your colleagues.

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Maintain your membership

Membership types:  AAFP/WAFP offers a number of membership categories to its members:

  • Active membership: Physicians engaged in the practice of family medicine; they must meet residency training specifications.
  • Inactive membership: A temporary membership status offered to members whose practice has been interrupted due to extenuating circumstances. Circumstances must be verified and reassessed annually.
  • Life membership: Members who have continued membership for a minimum of 25 years; have had at least five continuous years of membership prior to election to Life membership; and are either 70 years or older or completely retired from practice. Verification is required.
  • Supporting membership (physicians in specialties other than family medicine): Physicians who completed an ACGME- or AOA-accredited residency program in specialties other than family medicine and not otherwise eligible for some other category of membership.
  • Resident membership: Physicians training in ACGME-accredited, three-year family medicine residencies; AOA-approved rotating general or family medicine internships; or graduates immediately extending training or entering fellowships.
  • Student membership: Students enrolled in approved or accredited medical schools, either allopathic or osteopathic.

Visit the AAFP membership page for complete information on membership types and eligibility.

Reinstating: If your membership was canceled for non-payment of dues or lack of CME, you can become reinstated once you have paid dues for the amount of time lapsed and/or provided documentation of CME (150 credits per three-year re-election cycle) that you have earned. When you are reinstated, there is no gap in your years of membership.

Rejoining: When you rejoin the AAFP, you are given a new enrollment date, as if you are a new member. You do not receive credit for your previous years of membership. To rejoin, you must submit a new application which must be approved by both the AAFP and WAFP. Dues payment and CME requirements will apply.

To learn more about rejoining or becoming reinstated as a member, please visit the AAFP site for more information.

New Physicians

WAFP New Physician Trustee Megan Guffey, MD, MPH, FAAFP, explains the value of AAFP and WAFP membership for new physicians: