The Washington Family Physician (WFP) journal is the official publication of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) and serves as the primary communication vehicle to WAFP members. Its purpose is to provide timely and relevant information regarding the practice of family medicine and report results of the policies determined by the House of Delegates and Board of Directors as well as activities of members and committees. In addition to regularly published articles from selected officers, trustees, and committee chairs, WFP welcomes submission of articles on a wide variety of subjects related to the practice of family medicine.

WFP also welcomes articles written in a respectful and collegial manner that reflect opinion and editorials if, in our opinion, publishing such articles is timely, relevant, and will be of interest to the general membership of the Academy. Such articles will be clearly identified as an individual writer’s opinion or point of view.

The views and opinions expressed by all authors in this publication are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Academy. Publication should not be considered an endorsement, expressed or implied, by WAFP.

Submissions or ideas may be emailed to Brian Hunsicker, director of external affairs, at