Anti-Racism Task Force

The WAFP board is seeking task force members to advance the Academy’s anti-racism work toward the objective of health equity. The task force is charged with recommending to the board goals and strategies for us to address anti-racism as an organization.

Recommendations would likely address internal structures, member education and resources, family medicine workforce, and advocacy. They could include the following; however, these are provided as examples only:

  • Inventory of processes to identify where we perpetuate racism in our Academy
  • Guidance for practice support and transformation to assist our members
  • Educational resources and dissemination opportunities
  • Guidance for WAFP’s policy work
  • Identification of options to advance diversity and inclusion in the WAFP

In selecting task force members, the board seeks a mix of representatives who demonstrate:

  • a commitment to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • the ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse perspectives and experiences;
  • experience, skills, and/or expertise that will assist the task force in having a broad perspective; and
  • the ability to represent the geographic and demographic diversity of our membership.

Task force members are asked to attend all task force meetings and will spend some time outside of the meetings carrying out task force-related work. The task force will appoint its own chair. The first deliverable is an update at the January 31, 2021, board meeting where the task force will share its organizational structure and recommend a charter for review and approval. Time commitment is expected to be 2-4 hours a month. WAFP staff will support task force work as they have for other formed groups.

Application and Selection Process

Applications submitted online or in hard copy by October 19, 2020 will be de-identified and forwarded to a panel made up of a subset of the Membership Committee.  The panel will review applicants, keeping in mind the mix of representatives listed above, and will recommend appointment of individuals to Dr. Lillian Wu, WAFP President, by October 26, 2020.

Dr. Wu will then determine the members of the task force from those recommended. Task force members are asked to meet in November to elect their chair and begin work on their draft charter.   

The panel will inform all applicants of the names of the task force members.

Hands showing diversity