Washington’s FamilyMedPAC is moving forward.

Each year Washington legislators consider measures that could affect your practice. It is imperative that family physicians educate policy makers about family medicine. A strong PAC will enable family physicians to build relationships with legislators and help to ensure that family medicine’s views and concerns are represented when important issues are being discussed.

What is Washington FamilyMedPAC?

FamilyMedPAC is a non-partisan committee that seeks to support candidates who understand and support policy development which is aligned with family physicians and their patients.

Washington Academy of Family Physicians is committed to its mission to advocate for family medicine in the policymaking process.  Washington’s FamilyMedPAC was established in response to direction by the WAFP House of Delegates and its purpose is to support candidates and issues favorable to the interests of physicians specializing in Family Medicine and their patients. Its objectives are to:

Improve policy development by encouraging family physicians to take an active role in governmental affairs.
Provide financial support to selected candidates for public office and important political issues as authorized by the Board of Directors.
Assist family physicians in organizing themselves for more effective political action and in carrying out their civic responsibilities as citizens of the State of Washington.

Help keep the momentum!

Every election season is important, because healthcare is often at the center of much debate. So it is even more critical that we communicate our values and maintain a voice through those decision makers who share our vision.


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