The Election Process

According to the bylaws the Academy retains two nominating committees:

  • The first nominating committee, appointed by the Speaker, comprises five members who were delegates the previous year. The Speaker’s selection is guided by Academy membership with attention to diversity, geography and demographic make-up.
  • The second nominating committee consists of four past presidents, appointed by the President, and is chaired by the Immediate Past President.

Each nominating committee meets (usually by conference call) in late fall/early winter to discuss, recruit and nominate candidates for upcoming open leadership positions. Prior to the Annual House of Delegates, each committee presents a slate of candidates for the House to consider.

The President-Elect is usually an uncontested election of the sitting Vice President. The remainder of the offices are usually contested elections, assuming there are two identifiable, willing candidates for each open office.

Elections take place at the House of Delegates meeting, and candidates who are present are asked to briefly address the House. Nominations may also be taken from the floor at the House. Once nominations for each office have closed, all seated Delegates representing local chapters cast their votes; a majority vote is required for election.


Check term expiration dates on the WAFP Leadership page to determine those positions that will be open for nomination and election at the next House of Delegates. Members interested in holding an office should contact the WAFP office at 425-747-3100 or