2017 House of Delegates

Protecting Care for the Most Vulnerable
Substance Use Disorder in Jails and Prisons
Support Housing Access for All
Vaccines Containing Pork Gelatin
Identifying Homelessness as a Medical Condition

2016 House of Delegates

Prior Authorization Juggernaut
Insurance-Driven Formulary Changes
Protecting the Physician-Patient Relationship
Support for Independent Practices
Safer Injection Facilities
Coal and Fuel Transport
Socially Responsible Investment in Public Health
Support for Paid Parental Leave
Removing Sugary Beverages from SNAP
A Sustainable Future
Climate Change
Oral Health is Good for Overall Health
Promoting Physician, Resident, and Medical Student Wellness
Increasing the Physician Workforce in Washington
Health Insurance Coverage for Legal Migrants from the Marshall Islands
Transgender Competency Education
Transgender Use of Public Facilities
2016 Bylaws Amendment

2015 House of Delegates

Driving Safety of Older Adults
Federal Basic Health Program Option
Improve Health by Fully Funding Education
Medical Education Reforms in Support of Physician Shortage in Washington
Primary Care Loan Repayment
Promoting Transparency in Medical Education
Reimbursing Non-Members for Washington Student Family Medicine Activities
Resolution in Affirmation of WAFP’s Support of Student and Resident Activities
Rosenblatt Buprenorphine Resolution
Support for Expanding State Vaccine Programs

2014 House of Delegates

Banning Non-therapeutic Antibiotic Use
Support for Inclusion of Vasectomy
Voiding Non-compete Clauses
Where Nutrition and Poverty Meet

2013 House of Delegates

Access to Oral Contraceptives
Encourage Critical Evaluation
Family Medicine Endowments
Gun Injury Prevention
Honoring Sally Gasparich
Inequality and Health
Prevent Gun Violence
Protect our Academy
School-Based AED Programs
Support for a Better Farm Bill
WAFP Student Membership Inclusivity