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2014 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Banning Non-Therapeutic Antibiotic Use
Support for Inclusion of Vasectomy
Voiding Non-Compete Clauses
Where Nutrition and Poverty Meet

2013 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Access to Oral Contraceptives
Bylaws Amendment
Encourage WAFP Members to Critically Evaluate Their Relationship with the Drug and Medical Device Industry
Family Medicine Endowments
Gun Injury Prevention
Honoring Sally Gasparich
Inequality and Health
Prevent Gun Violence
Protect Our Academy
School-Based AED Programs
Support a Better Farm Bill
WAFP Student Member Inclusivity

2012 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Bylaws Amendment
Change of AAFP Membership Fee Structure
Coal Export in Washington State
Eliminating Specialty Disrespect
Expression of Gratitude by WAFP
Support of Medical Students Interested in Family Medicine

2011 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Cautious, Evidenced-Based Opioid Prescribing for Family Physicians
Chronic Pain Education – Opioid Prescribing
Creation of a Task Force on Local Chapter Involvement
Don’t Gag My Firearms Safety Discussions
End Affiliation with Coca-Cola
Endorsement of Washington State Ballot Initiatives
Promotion of Tap Water
‘Stop the Pop’ in Health Care Facilities
‘Stop the Pop’ in Health Care Facilities II
Student Trustee Position Changes

2010 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Align our Money with our Ethics: End Questionable Alliances (A)
Align our Money with Our Ethics: End Questionable Alliances (B)
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 1 “Eastside/Westside Codification”
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 2 “Governance Task Force Recommended Changes”
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 3 “Formatting and Consistency Changes”
Institutionalizing Leadership Development and Training
A Nutritional Manifesto
WAFP Political Action Committee