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2011 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Cautious, Evidenced-Based Opioid Prescribing for Family Physicians
Chronic Pain Education – Opioid Prescribing
Creation of a Task Force on Local Chapter Involvement
Don’t Gag My Firearms Safety Discussions
End Affiliation with Coca-Cola
Endorsement of Washington State Ballot Initiatives
Promotion of Tap Water
‘Stop the Pop’ in Health Care Facilities
‘Stop the Pop’ in Health Care Facilities II
Student Trustee Position Changes

2010 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Align our Money with our Ethics: End Questionable Alliances (A)
Align our Money with Our Ethics: End Questionable Alliances (B)
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 1 “Eastside/Westside Codification”
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 2 “Governance Task Force Recommended Changes”
BYLAWS AMENDMENT # 3 “Formatting and Consistency Changes”
Institutionalizing Leadership Development and Training
A Nutritional Manifesto
WAFP Political Action Committee

2009 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Change in AAFP Candidates’ Hospitality Event
Change in Use of Local Chapters and HOD
Distribution of Information Prior to Elections
Family Medicine Mentors Needed
Geographical Election of Board Members and AAFP
Leadership Development Committee
Patient Experience Measures and Medical Homes
Routine HIV Screening in Patients Over 13

2008 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Bylaws Amendment: Addition of New Physician Trustee
Expanding the WAFP Role in Health Care Reform Effort
End of Life Care
Reinstituting CPS Reporting in Prenatal Care
Transparency in Health Care Contracts
WAFP 2009 Annual Scientific Assembly
WAFP Board Attendance

2007 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Appreciation for Al Berg
Child Abuse Prevention
Coordinated School Health
Encouraging Physical Fitness
Ending Healthcare Disparities
Ensuring the Privacy of Prescription Information
Primary Care Insurance Options
Promoting National Standards for End of Life Treatment
Support for Diverse Models of Primary Care Practices
Supporting Safer Chemicals Policies
Washington Health Security Trust

2006 House of Delegates Resolutions (PDF)

Annual Scientific Assembly
Funding Resident and Students
New Physician Board Member
Pipeline Grant Program
Public Funded Health Care
Reducing Marketing Bias in the WAFP
Reducing Marketing Bias in the AAFP
Resolution Process
Scientific Assembly Student Scholarships
Support for Medicaid