1) The deadline for submission of resolutions to the House of Delegates is 60 days prior to the annual House of Delegates meeting. All resolutions must be received by the WAFP office by the deadline to be included in the House of Delegates Manual. Resolutions received after this date will not be accepted for inclusion in the manual, and will have to be introduced as late resolutions at the House (see #5).

2) Resolutions to the HOD usually come from local chapters. If you have an idea for policy or a project for the WAFP, contact your local chapter president to find out when your local chapter will meet to consider resolutions to forward to the House of Delegates. Other resolutions come from WAFP Committees. Individuals may submit resolutions to the House of Delegates, however, this requires that two members sign on to the resolution.

3) You may be asked to supply some additional information in support of your resolution in order to assist the House of Delegates in their deliberations. If possible, please supply this at the time you submit your resolution. WAFP staff can assist you in answering these questions:

  • Does your resolution advance a current priority of the WAFP or are you asking for a new direction or policy?
  • Is there a particular committee or task force of the WAFP that would be appropriate to assign the work required by this resolution? If so, what level of assistance would you be willing to provide to this group?
    –  N/A. Policy statement only, no new work required.
    –  Background information/resource person only.
    – Would work on this as a project.
    – Would be willing to be appointed to this committee/task force.

4) All resolutions that require significant investment of WAFP resources (money or staff time) must contain a fiscal note. WAFP staff can help you develop an appropriate fiscal note for your resolution.

5) Late resolutions are discouraged. Late resolutions should be limited to issues that were not knowable in time to be prepared in advance AND that require action by the House this year (as opposed to waiting another year or being dealt with by the Board of Directors during the year). Appropriate late resolutions might include urgent items to be submitted to the AAFP Congress, or items that represent major changes in WAFP direction or policy, and so deserve to be considered by the House rather than the Board.

For the 2019 House of Delegates, resolutions must be submitted by Feb. 22, 2019.