Committee Mission

The Public Health Committee’s focus is to represent the Academy in its relationship with public health agencies, voluntary health associations, and other agencies and institutions concerned with child and public health, medical services, epidemiology and the social aspects of medicine. The committee advocates for the health of children in Washington; promotes child health by encouraging the active participation of family physicians in health programs at school and at home; and collects and distributes information on emerging programs for improving child and public health and decreasing the incidence of chronic diseases.

Committee Members

Chris Frank, MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Eric Wall, MD, MPH, Co-Chair
Alex Brzezny, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Gordon Decker, MD, FAAFP
Ned Hammar, MD
Lisa Johnson, MD
Kristin Larson, MD
Kevin Martin, MD, FAAFP
Ashlin Mountjoy, MD, MPH
Jeanne Rupert, DO, PhD
H. Matt Smith, MD
Julia Sokoloff, MD
Jim Wallace Jr., MD, MPH
Susan Westerlund, MD
Gordon Wheat, MD
Chris Wheelock, MD
Rachel Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP
EC Liaison: June Bredin, MD