Committee “Mission”

The Governmental Affairs Committee educates, promotes legislative efforts and advocates for the health of the people of Washington. In addition, the Committee undertakes legislative and health policy initiatives which will enhance the ability of family physicians to provide excellent, cost-effective, continuous care for patients.

Committee Members

Kristin Larson, MD, Co-Chair
Matt Logalbo, MD, Co-Chair
Stephen Albrecht, MD, FAAFP
Blain Crandell, MD
Jaime Klippert Fajardo, DO
William Gillanders, MD, FAAFP
Lucinda Grande, MD
Nona Hanson, MD
Rebecca Hoffman, MD
Diana King, MD
John Nguyen, MD
James Opara, MD, FAAFP
Judy Pauwels, MD
Dino Ramzi, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Jordan Storhaug, MD
Gregg VandeKieft, MD, MA, FAAFP
Shawn West, MD
EC Liaison: Jeremia Bernhardt, MD